Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016: Listening to the heart.

The kids were exploring stethoscope. Eric got it from the army a few years ago and gave it to the kids to use. We like to use stuff to help them explore science. They had fun listening to heartbeats. 

When she is tired, she has been just laying down on a soft blanket and sucking her thumb. So I had to pick her up and put her on the couch. She is just so sweet! 

Playing with Hyrum's Buzz Lightyear space ship. Seriously, Fisher-Price Little People toys are the best! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18: Play day

The kids were playing in Anna's room. I try to separate the toys and oftentimes gave Anna Hyrum's old toys (like the megablok now that he has Legos). Well, every day, they will go to one of their rooms and play. I guess they BOTH own the toys! For the most part, they get along well. Here was in Anna's room. 

Proud of his train! And see the toothpaste mark on his chin? Haha!

Anna and her babies. Anna likes to put ALL of her babies in the stroller and put ALL the baby blankets there, 

Today was okay! I'm thankful for that. Anna was a bit of a drama queen today. But not so bad. Hyrum has been quite a little helper. He helped me clean Anna's poopy diaper and he was trying to help me comfort Anna when she was crying uncontrollably. I'm still not sure what's wrong with her, but sometimes Anna will just randomly cry. I think she sensed that Eric is not here and doesn't know how to express it. Lately, Anna would get so mad when we come and get her up. So I have been sending Hyrum to go get her because she is NEVER grumpy to see him first thing in the morning. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sweet Anna before her naptime.

Some things about this sweet girl during naptime:
She needs soft blankets to snuggle. Sometimes two. 
Maybe a stuffed animal. She found this snowman Beanie Baby and said, "Ohhh-lahhhh" for "Olaf." 
She still sucks her thumb and twirls her ears. 
MOST of the time she doesn't fight naptime. YAY! 
And lots of pillows to keep her from falling over. :)

Having fun with the kids

So we finally got to say goodbyes. We have been dreading this day for weeks and it's finally here. It hasn't hit me yet that Eric is really not here anymore. It'll be a long 6 months, but thankfully we have some things to look forward to.
On our last night with Eric, we played hide and seek in the dark. Since we had FHE last Monday talking about  being the light of the world briefly, our activity was hide and seek in the dark. The kids loved it SO much they asked for it every day. Hyrum is terrible at it. If the serial killer ever comes to our house, we will lose quickly because he has no problem squealing with delight and then telling the seeker, "No, Mommy (or daddy) is over there!!!!" Thanks, Hyrum!
So we played hide and seek in the dark. Hyrum couldn't wait too long for us to find him. And he gives Eric or me away a lot. Eric missed me and kept walking and Hyrum followed him, saying, "Daddy, not there! Mommy is right there." One of us would take Anna since she cries when she is left by herself in the dark. But they still have so much fun. I bet the next door neighbor was wondering what's going on with all the commotion in our house, but we don't care. :)

Hyrum....and his dad.

All about Anna....and with her daddy too.

 She is a little tease!

Here she is saying "Pony..." as if telling me all about it. 

January 11

Sibling love!